User Agreement

1. Glossary of the Terms

1.1 Run Lola Run — cryptowallet that provides services of saving, receiving (including through API) and transfering cryptocurrencies. Hereinafter referred to as RLR.
1.2 User of RLR — account in RLR system. Hereinafter referred to as the User.

2. Anonymity

2.1. RLR saves Username, E-mail, Jabber ID (JID) and Telegram ONLY. E-mail, JID and Telegram are NOT verified. User has the right to enter incorrect E-mail, JID and Telegram, herewith E-mail, JID and Telegram are not required at all.
2.2. RLR does NOT collect, does NOT analyze and does NOT transmit user activity data to third parties.

3. Fees

3.1. RLR takes a percentage of the withdrawal of cryptocurrency from the system as a fee for services. The terms of interest accrual are displayed in the User's Dashboard.
3.2. RLR may not charge a fee (system fee is equal zero) for internal transfers between accounts of the same cryptocurrency of different Users.

4. Rights and liability of the parties

4.1 RLR assumes no responsibility for the legality of the origin of user funds according to the jurisdiction of any of the existing countries.
4.2 RLR considers all funds received into the system to be ABSOLUTELY legal, does not analyze the legality of the origin of user funds, and also does not recognize any third-party analysis tools.

5. Closing provisions

5.1 Issues which are not settled by this Agreement are subject to the ethical norms of the Internet community, the principles of crypto-anarchism and humanism.